Panchratan Chutney| Cashew, Kishmish, Dry Dates, Coconut, Almond ( 500gram)


  • Homemade in traditional Indian style with dry fruits
  • 100% fresh and in a very hygienic condition
  • Adds taste and delight into all your meals
  • Enjoy with Puri, Paratha, Cheela, Dal Rice, Roti and with any other dishes
  • Makes food tasty and delicious
  • Improves immunity, digestion, and intake of antioxidants
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100% Homemade in Indian traditional style and in a very hygienic conditions, Farm Star Panchratan Chutney is traditionally relished for its wonderful taste, flavour and delicacy. This rich, appetising sauce is made with pure goodness of finest Cashew, Kishmish, Dry Dates, Coconut, Almond and top-grade spices. We ensured that the taste and flavour of the sauce is kept at its best to suit the Indian palate. It is always a mealtime favourite adding zest to everything you eat with or use it as a dipping sauce. Spread this sauce on slice of bread, chapatti, parantha or enjoy with snacks like pakoda, samosa etc. For all your picky eaters, keep this sauce in your kitchen and add to the taste and enjoyment of all foods.

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